Friday, September 21, 2007

CFRP Welcomes Dr. Christopher Manion

Catholics for Ron Paul is honored to add Dr. Christopher Manion to its growing list of regular bloggers who take Catholic Social Teaching seriously and are looking at the Ron Paul message for its compatibility with the Church's teaching.

Dr. Christopher Manion studied at the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business and Notre Dame University, where he earned a Ph.D. in government. Since then, he has taught at various universities, spent six years as a subcommittee staff director on the Senate side of Capitol Hill, and helped found the political satire group The Capitol Steps. He has been a contributing editor and music critic for Saturday Review and High Fidelity magazines, and his op-eds and book reviews appear frequently in The Wall Street Journal. He is also the founder of Manion Music, LLC - which sells royalty free music.

Please give Dr. Manion a warm welcome.

Go Ron Paul!