Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"We are drifting into a Totalitarian State" - Ron Paul

Last night at the Values Voter Debate, Ron Paul expressed his profound concern at the erosion of our civil liberties in waging the so called War on Terror. He said that legislation that is created to fight this war will be used against Americans especially Christians.

This morning, Drudge Report, presented this video of a college student who was arrested for asked a question to John Kerry about his membership in the same secret society as George Bush. Regardless of one's opinion about this line of questioning, this American has the Freedom, protected in the Constitution, to ask any question he likes. The police, for some reason, acts as if he has no Liberty. They proceed to "taser" him - that is subject him to electric charges.

What is most disturbing about this video? The clear erosion of our Liberty in the face of a kind of police state action, or the way that the majority of the citizens sat back and let it happen?

We need Ron Paul to restore the Republic and restore our Liberties that are given to us by God, and protected in our Constitution.

Oh, and the justification for this man's arrest and public torture was that he was inciting a riot.