Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bringing Hell to Iraq

Whether its US troops or soldiers of fortune hired by the President, the Federal government is killing more and more innocent civilians in Iraq. A.P. reports that grunts called in an airstrike, apparently going after Al-Qeada, killing 19 insurgents, 15 civilians, and 9 children. 9 children? I can't imagine what must be going through the soldiers' heads when they found out they've killed 9 children? And if they're not thinking about it now, assuming they survive, what is this horrid nightmare going to do to them later in their lives? And what about the families of all the dead, what kind of anguish this must bring? All this, so we can feel safer from the potential of a possible threat from a third world country with no airforce and an army decimated by Gulf War I?

We, as Catholics have an obligation as voters under this government to do what we can to stop the atrocities that are done in our name and Ron Paul is the only pro-life candidate who actually wants to stop this madness.