Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rosary for Ron Paul's Campaign Success Begins Today

This e-mail came in from a reader of Catholics for Ron Paul. Looks like CFRP is making a difference in the campaign. Thank you Catherine for tuning in and being an advocate for Ron Paul.



Thanks for all the wonderful info on Catholics for Ron Paul.

I'vealready converted at least one Catholic to his cause thanks to you, and we both had the idea of praying the Rosary for Ron Paul's campaign success. We'll be having a prayer vigil from the feast of St. Francis until the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. (Think Lepanto, thePhilippines, and all the other victories attributable to the power ofthe Rosary.)

Here's the info: From the feast of St. Francis to the feast Our Lady of the Rosary (October 4-7) join us in praying a daily Rosary for the success of Congressman Ron Paul's presidential campaign.

We are also praying for peace in our world, an end to Roe v. Wade, anda restoration of total religious freedom in America.

For all those not totally convinced about a Ron Paul presidency (Iunderstand, I've been there), please join in praying the Rosary forour country, for our next president, and for the upcoming elections.

N.B. Dr. Paul is not a Catholic, so the Rosary is probably not histhing; on the other hand, he is pro-religious freedom, so we figure itcan only be for the good.

If any of you are on facebook, check out the event!

Thanks again and God bless your efforts!