Saturday, January 12, 2008

The State Cannot Replace Caritas

The comboxes have had some great discussion lately. One of our commenters correctly states in regards to Ron Paul's stance of a de facto foreign policy:

"Neglecting the rest of humanity and hiding behind our own borders in wealth and prosperity with a 'too bad for you' attitude isn't compatible with Christianity."

Absolutely correct! However, it does not follow that government and the use of force must be the particular means of serving the rest of humanity. Actually, it means we are required to do a whole lot more. It means that we as Catholic Christians have the positive obligation to help the rest of the world by giving more with our gifts of time, talent, and treasure. We must do this through the Church, through private charity, and by giving with our right hand so that our left knows not. Of course, this means more prayer for, more reflection of, more listening to, and more understanding about the rest of the world. Too often in our age, we are willing to let the state serve as our proxy for caritas.