Friday, January 4, 2008

Why Fox News is Excluding Ron Paul

Fox News is coming under a lot of pressure for excluding Ron Paul from their up coming Presidential Forum, but they are fighting tooth and nail to keep him out.

Their excuse is so stupid, it makes one want to vomit for the sheer evil that it attempts to veil.

From the very first debate, they have consistently lied to the American public about Ron Paul and have tried every dirty trick in the book to murder his campaign. But it hasn't worked and now they are scared because no matter how often they say "Ron Paul can't win," his support keeps growing.

Why does Ron Paul scare Fox News?

Because Fox News represents the interests of global elites, including banking elites.

Have a look at who is on the Corporate Governance of News Corporation (the owner of Fox News). Among these is Andrew Knight, the director of the Rothschild Investment Trust. The Rothschild's are the world's bankers.

Ron Paul has been a consistent and articulate critic of central banking in America.

The Federal Reserve is a privately owned central bank (no one even knows who owns it) that gets to print money out of thin air, control the supply of money by lending that money to the Government and to big business, and then Jane and Joe America gets the privilege of paying for that money through oppressive income tax to the IRS (see Ronald Regan's Grace Report, "100 percent of what is collected [of the income tax] is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal debt" - that is, 100% of your income tax goes directly to private bankers to pay down the interest on the loans that Government has taken to pay for the Warfare State, the Welfare State and maintain its empire around the world).

The system of central banking and the "inflation tax" that it makes possible is why "the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer." It is not for lack of hard work that there is a shrinking middle class, it is because the very system in which we work is stacked aggressively against the poor and middle class.

For Ron Paul's entire political career he has been a lone voice in the wilderness crying out for justice on these issues and the restoration of the Constitution.

You see, the Constitution doesn't call for a central bank (and in fact, we don't need one), and the Federal Income Tax is un-Constitutional (which is why your senator will call it the "voluntary" income tax on the senate floor), and our fiat money system is also un-Constitutional because it calls for hard currency backed by silver and gold (our Founding Father's fought against central banking and fiat money because they know how it would turn the American people into slaves to the "Money Power.")

Ron Paul has been articulating the philosophical, moral, legal, economic and most of all Constitutional foundations for the Liberty we so dearly love in America.

The global elites would rather you be stupid sheep and keep working 60 hour weeks just to make ends meet and then give up to 50% of the fruits of your labor to the central bankers.

The Washington elites would rather you be stupid sheep and do what you are told so they can continue spending like a drunken sailor and send our country into an economic crash that will make the Great Depression look wonderful.

And the media elites are owned by interests working against the American people and American sovereignty.

That is why Fox News doesn't want Ron Paul to be at the forum this weekend. Fox News wants to dictate who can and can not be your President.

Since when was it the Media's job to pick our President?

Fox News wants you to believe that their mobile studio isn't big enough to fit Ron Paul at the table.

They don't want you to believe that it has anything to do with the powerful message that Ron Paul is spreading across this country. A message of freedom, peace and prosperity.

Fox News, a new day is dawning!

Go Ron Paul!